Language and Development Center announces Raparin Book Club in collaboration with KBC

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Language and Development Center is pleased to announce Raparin Book Club project in collaboration with Kurdistan Book Club. The aim of the project is to encourge youth and people to read and enhance their skills. For the details and registration, read the official announcement below:



Raparin Book Club

Be a part of this huge and effective project in University of Raparin

A cultural, training, and human development project in the Raparin area

There are three categories of groups in the project:

- Kurdish group
- Arabic group
- English group

1- In each club, training, discussion and book presentations will be in the language that the participants choose.
2- This Project provides participants with trainings to develop the participants’ capacity to summarize and discuss the book in 10 minutes.
3- During the project, each participant will read 4 books, participate in 4 debates and be familiar with the content of 40 books.
4- Number of participants in each group will be 10.
5- Each participant should choose a different book. The same books are not allowed.
6- During the project numerous seminars will be arranged for development of Youth capacities and encourage them for reading more and strengthen their future.
7- After discussing the book, participants will be having a debate for 30 minutes.
9- At the end of the project, participants will be assessed and the top reader will be awarded.
10- By the end of the project, the participants will provided with a certificate of completion.

*Participants should respect others’ social, political, religious, and national opinions. No rudeness is allowed in the club, but disagreements are fine, and should allow everyone in the groups an equal opportunity to contribute. No one should monopolize the discussion.

*This project is only for Academic staff, employees and students at the University of Raparin.


Visit University of Raparin – College of Basic Education - Language and Development center – third floor

Deadline for Registration: 3\3\2019