LDC Clubhouse Rules and Regulations

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Sunday-Wednesday 14:00-18:00

Please keep in mind that Language and Development Center staff may ask for your ID at anytime. The LDC Clubhouse is for members of the University of Raparin community.

The following behaviors and activities are prohibited in the LDC Clubhouse:

  1. Physical assault, abuse, or disorderly conduct.
  2. Use of abusive or threatening language.
  3. Damaging or destroying LDC property.
  4. Carrying a weapon.
  5. Smoking of any type.
  6. Leaving bags of any type unattended.
  7. Selling or advertising any products or services.
  8. Sleeping or putting your head on a table, and putting feet/legs on LDC furniture.

Please also be aware that:

  1. The LDC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  2. Clothing and shoes must be worn at all times.
  3. Members must clean up their waste/trash.

For any questions, please ask Language and Development Center Staff.

***Members who violate the rules and regulations will be asked to leave the LDC Clubhouse. Members may also lose their LDC privileges.