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Rania, Kurdistan Region

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The Center’s aim is to be a recognizable and actively involved entity. That said; our vision goes beyond providing language instruction and preparing our students to pass international exams.Our ambitions extend to making this center one of the Kurdistan Region’s principal venues. We attend to achieve this vision by upholding the already established international standards, and by modernizing education to fit today’s world.


The purpose of this language and development center is to give our students an exemplary academic education that encourages each of them to reach their full potential. With highly qualified instruction, our professional staff encourages students to explore every opportunity to acquire language knowledge and understanding. In addition, staff encourages students to foster necessary skills that enhance personal growth.

  • I participated in the Language Center’s course at our university. It included all the skills needed to take the IELTS exam. I took the IELTS exam without participating in any course, and my results were (Reading 5), (Speaking 5), (Listening 3.5) and (Writing 4)! After taking the course, my results were much better in all modules (Reading 5), (Speaking 6), (Listening 5), and (writing 5.5).
    IbrahimLecturer of Physics, Raparin University
  • When I started the course, I felt hopeless because I didn’t understand some things. I thought it was going to be impossible for me to score a 5 on the IELTS. After I saw my result, I was surprised. I scored a 5.5, and it felt good. I feel grateful for my teachers Mr. Hawraz and Mr. James.
    ShiwanStudent - Nurse, Ranya General Hospital
  • The IELTS course was a great learning experience, and I had lots of fun. The teachers were really helpful and they made the learning enjoyable. I am so happy I achieved what I intended to gain, thankfully, with my hard work and the great effort of my teachers. Thank you to all, and I appreciate what you did to help me pass the IELTS.
    Zana Rasul
    Zana RasulStudent
  • The course was a lot fun for me since it was my first course that I took for IELTS preparation . The context of the course was so amazing, and everyone was so friendly. After the course, I took my first IELTS exam and I scored a 6. I would like to thank the University of Raparin, my classmates , and my teachers for this great experience.